Cybersecurity and tech career exploration and pathways

Building a pipeline to cybersecurity apprenticeship


NuPaths has been awarded a Catalyze Challenge grant to support a Cybersecurity Earn-and-Learn Ecosystem in the region. We are providing career exploration and career pathway activities to middle school and high school students to build a pipeline to cybersecurity and tech careers.

Cybersecurity Awareness Day

The Central PA Cybersecurity Earn-and-Learn Ecosystem is planning its inaugural kickoff event for January 26, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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School Group Activities Content

Have cybersecurity and tech experts talk with your class, club, or school or community group or take your group for a tour of a business to learn how technology and cybersecurity plays a role in all aspects of the business.
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Individual Student Activities

Talk with cybersecurity and technology professionals to get your career and education questions answered, see what it's like to work in cybersecurity and technology with a "day in the life" experience, or use your summer to gain hands-on experience with a short-term work assignment.
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Earn an industry certification & college credits

Take an after-school course to learn more about learn about computer hardware, operating systems, computer application software, networking technologies, identifying security risks, troubleshooting errors, and system maintenance.
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The Challenge

How can we spark young people's journey to economic opportunity by better connecting education and career?

How To Get Involved

Students will learn key insights and gain confidence in their future by you sharing your knowledge and experiences. You can help impact the next generation of IT and tech professionals by participating in the activities. Virtual and in-person opportunities are available.

Schools & Students

Participate in group & individual activities to explore careers in cybersecurity & technology.


Share your knowledge & insight by speaking with students, hosting a field trip or shadow day, or offering a short-term work experience.

Workforce Development

Work with us to connect students & employers, incorporate the grant activities into your student programs, & brainstorm new ideas.

Higher Education

Let students know how they can prepare now for cybersecurity and technology education & what educational pathways are available to them.
Thanks To Our Partners

Catalyze Ignite Grant

The Catalyze Ignite grant will be used to design, pilot, and expand learning models that support young people in accessing economic opportunity and lifelong success. 
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